D.A.H. Saucer Remake

My current WIP of my recreation of the saucer from Destroy All Humans. This project was undertaken for my final year project at my university as I learned of the new remake of the original game, I decided to remake one of the more iconic pieces from the game that being the saucer. However, I decided to do it in a more “realistic” style than the art style used in the games. This project is almost complete just needs some materials tweaks and some presentation changes to make it more finished as an overall piece. The models legs have also been rigged to allow for animation.
This post will be updated towards the end of April as a finished piece with full presentations, material breakdowns, texture breakdowns, and videos.

Below is the low poly with materials applied presented in a environment which I have created within UE4 using megascan assets along with some trees from the UE4 Kite demo.

Low poly with materials applied

Low poly with materials applied (GIF)

Construction images:

Texture map example

High Poly to low poly with materials applied (GIF)

High poly model

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  • Triangle Count: 189,293
  • Texture Size: 4k Body Texture set, 2k Mechanical Texture set, 1k Legs Texture set, 1k Glass Texture set
  • Date: March 31, 2020
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